Our Service

You will not find better shot blasting in the Cork Co. with such competitive prices.

At Blastech Ltd. we use a variety of methods to aquire the desired finish.
We pride ourselves on the quality of the work that we produce. This is why we have the highest quality standards in the industry.

Commercial services

Domestic services

For our customers we are able to offer a restoration service for their ongoing projects or hobbies. This includes motorbike parts and car parts i.e:

  • panels
  • engines
  • wheels
  • axles
  • roll bars
  • chassis
  • bicycles
  • radiators
  • gates
  • railings
  • fireplaces including wooden
  • household wooden doors
  • skirting boards and many, more.
  • public shot blasting
  • Car/Motorbike
  • Panels, shell, chasis, wheels, engines, roll bars, bumpers, frames etc
  • gates being shot blasted
  • General Radiators, grilles, gates, railings, forgings, shelving, tools etc

There are various finishes available depending on your requirements.